What Kind of Accountant Will I Be? Part 1/7

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I am fully aware that it’s not only me who stated this line before: I have never of dreamt of being an accountant.

I have always wanted to be a medical doctor. As a child, my mother would always buy me medical instrument toys. I realized now that during those times, my mother also has dreams for her daughter to become a doctor someday. Then as years passed by and I was already graduating in high school, my dream of becoming a doctor still never left me. I was contemplating whether to take BS Biology or BS Psychology as my pre-medical course. And I have also made up in my mind that I will be a Pediatrician because I like kids. But after high school graduation, so many things troubled my mind. I was the eldest of the three siblings in the family. I was about to attend college while my two younger siblings were still in high school and elementary. I have felt that my parents were implying to me not to pursue medicine anymore because of our financial status. They were suggesting to me other programs where they tell me I might excel more. Since I like kids, they would tell me that I can take BS English so I can teach. Or I can take Engineering because my father was an Engineering graduate. Then here comes the Accountancy suggestion. They suggested me this since I like math and it’s just a five-year course, and that when I finish, I can work at banks where there are only five working days. I can understand how my parents were just being so practical during those times. And because I was already confused, the best thing that I thought I would do was to obey their suggestion. So I chose BS Accountancy then studied at Lyceum of the Philippines – Cavite.

I cannot remember anymore what kind of agreement I signed that one summer day in May 2010 when I enrolled at Lyceum of the Philippines – Cavite. All I can remember is that there was a cut-off grade of 86% to every subject, minor or major, in their BS Accountancy curriculum. I thought it was just a trivial thing since I don’t have any subjects back in high school that is below 86%. I also have an accounting subject when I was in my senior high school so I have a little back ground about it. I admit that accounting wasn’t easy even during high school but because I had fun, I was a bit confident that I can make it. The scholarships offered in Lyceum of the Philippines also motivated me to continue studying in that university. Although I have a really little background with Accountancy, I still do not know the whole picture of it. I have no idea that becoming an accountant has big responsibilities, knowing that money is a serious matter.

After finishing two semesters in Lyceum of the Philippines – Cavite, I decided to transfer to Adventist University of the Philippines. I already took Basic Accounting in LPU-C (Lyceum of the Philippines-Cavite) but because of differences in the curriculum, I had to take it again in AUP (Adventist University of the Philippines). This means that instead of becoming a regular second year student, I became a first year student again. It was disappointing for me during those times because I thought I’ll still finish college on the right time that I had on mind. There were two reasons why I transferred in AUP. The first is the Saturday classes which I fortunately didn’t have during my first year of stay in LPU. The second one is because I failed the Business Calculus subject. Minor subjects in LPU are included in the subjects with retention grades. I had to at least have the lowest grade of 2.00 (highest is 1.00) in every subject, that is major and minor subjects, which is equivalent to a B- grade in AUP. Unfortunately, I only had 2.25 in Business Calculus. It was my first major failure, so to back up my first reason; I came up with the decision to transfer. I’m glad I did. Aside from having freedom in practicing my religious rights, I also got an A minus when I took again Business Calculus in AUP.

During my first year of stay in AUP, I only had one goal in my mind and that is to finish everything. I didn’t care about friendship. I was a transferee student so during my first year, I didn’t have friends and I actually really thought I didn’t need them. I didn’t care about the religious activities inside the campus. What I had in mind was that as long I keep the Sabbath, go to Midweek and Vesper services, I am going to be fine with that. My eyes were so much focused on attaining those three letters after my name without really knowing the value those letters hold. But the Lord has unimaginable plans for my life and it has become possible through the experiences I had here in AUP. These plans have become possible because of the people that the Lord used and even my chosen program. It was a tool and is still a tool that Lord is using to bring me closer to him and to really understand my purpose here in life. I am limited and I am not that intellectual, even my horizons and visions are so narrow when I entered this university. But God put me in a place where I will learn more of Him and His plans for me.

I will be an accountant who knows what being a Certified Public Accountant truly means.

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