What Kind of Accountant Will I Be? Part 5/7

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I have read an article on the internet about what an accountant does. This is a bit humorous but I find it really interesting and factual:

It says there that an accountant is a person who: displays deviant behavior when it comes to numbers. Deviant means being marked differently from an accepted norm. This is probably true since accountants always deal with numbers. And I can somehow relate with it because sometimes, survey results, ratios, percentages always interests me. Whenever there are numbers or there are money issues, even friends call me and ask me about it.

Another thing this site says is that an accountant is someone who can do tricky sums. I am not really sure how they define tricky. But I hope that what they mean about being tricky is being good in doing addition and not doing illegal summing. And talking about being good in addition, yes, that is true. I have studied for five years and the tool that we use every day is the calculator. Accountants are really experts with the calculator. And because they always deal with numbers, they have become already so familiarize with how to do simple arithmetic with them. But sometimes they still need the help of the calculator just to make sure everything. Of course, they wouldn’t want to commit mistakes while preparing financial statements.

An accountant is a person who experiences inner peace in the knowledge that debits should always equal credits. I remember taking my Basic Accounting 1 subject and doing all the process of accounting, it is really thrilling to have equal balances between debits and credits since we all do the double-entry system of accounting. And I know that in the future, just a few months from now, I will be doing all over again this accounting cycle. Getting an unequal debits and credits would mean that I have missed something or made an error while recording. So I really have to be careful and focused while doing the work.
An accountant knows that inner thrill of viewing a well-structured Chart of Accounts. Having a good chart of accounts also means a good recording of accounts. During my on-the-job training at an auditing firm, I hear my auditor supervisors complaining about a company having a not-so-good chart of accounts. They say that they were having difficulty in recording the transactions since they do not know where to put the balances. I have not yet experienced this because during our lessons, the books and the teachers always provide a good chart of accounts. I should then be ready in the future of what I might possibly encounter.
An accountant gasps at the majestic splendor of a Trial Balance. During my on-the-job training, I always gasp whenever I see thick financial statements. And by splendor maybe that means a really long trial balance. That would mean a lot of work to do.

I find these statement the funniest about being an accountant: An accountant is a person who marvels at non-accounting colleagues who guiltlessly work from home or leave early on a Friday, who has made a lifetime vow never to take a holiday at month end, and spends more evenings with the office cleaner that with their partner. This just means that an accountant has a lot of job to do and is workaholic. He cannot leave his work undone. I want to be an accountant like this. It would define that I am really responsible with my work and I take it seriously. But I would not want to reach the point that I’ll be sacrificing my health just for my work. My health is still the greatest wealth. I cannot do my job correctly if I am not feeling well. And I am hoping not to sacrifice relationships as well. I know that family and friends are more important than career.
An accountant is a person who sorts out all the mess and reports to anybody who may be interested on where it all went so horribly wrong. Whenever studying, I would always try to find if there are mistakes that I made and sometimes, just to get an answer, I need to work things backward. And if it comes to worse, I had to start all over again and sort out all the mess I made. While working, I think these things are still to be done. And since I have become an expert with these already, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. It would be normal. And by being normal, it would just come naturally to life outside work. But hoping it would be useful in a very positive way.
An accountant solves a problem you didn’t know you had, in a way you don’t understand at a price you can’t afford! This is really fascinating and funny.

I will be an accountant who loves doing my job.

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