What Kind of Accountant Will I Be? Part 7/7

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I have so many plans in mind after graduation. Many people say that having a Certified Public Accountant as a title has so many work opportunities. And I can testify this to be true since I have friends that are CPA board exam passers and they tell me that there are really good job offers. Not only here in the Philippines but also outside the country.

My very first plan after graduation is to practice private accounting. I will find a job at a private company and apply as an accountant. Trusted sources are saying that private practice pays better than public accounting though I might gain better work experience in public accounting. But then right after graduation, I am really not after a good work experience yet. That is not quite the priority for now because I still have two younger siblings that I need to help with their studies.

I am the kind of person who gets tired easily with a job that is monotonous. I know quite well that an accountant’s job is really repetitive. One auditor during my on-the-job training told us that he once worked as an accountant in a private company but after some years, he got tired of his work because it bored him. He has been doing the same thing every day over and over again and he longed for a new one. Then he finally decided to practice public accounting. He applied in an auditing firm and worked as an auditor. And somehow, I got an idea from that. Part of the first plan is that after two to three years of practicing private accounting in a company, I am going to apply to an auditing firm and practice public accounting. I am hoping that during those times, I have been quite a good help already to my family for my siblings’ studies.

My second plan after graduation, if the first will not work out, is apply for job abroad, right away. My father has been working already in Malaysia for six years now and he knows already some private companies where a fresh graduate can apply, even workers overseas. I can see that it is a good opportunity since other countries has higher foreign exchange rate and it would be a good work experience that can be added in my resume. After two to three years again, or after a work contract has expired, I would go back again to Philippines and apply in a private company. I would help my parents with our pharmaceutical business and I will also put up my own business. I have been planning on establishing a vegetarian restaurant. My mother would always say to me that it is better to have your own business than just being an employee. And I can really see that it is true since my father has been an employee all his working life and it is just in the past two years that we have established our own business. My father does not have full control of his time while working and he has been sacrificing his health too much. But when we had our own business, we have direct management of our own time and expenses and we gain profit each day, even much more than what a minimum wage earner receives in a day. I have been planning to save while working and the accumulated savings will be used as a capital for my own business. If the business would not happen to be a vegetarian restaurant, I know that I will have a lot more ideas while working and venturing with places and people.

The third plan or Plan C after graduation is to apply for work in a Seventh-day Adventist Institution. I am not planning to teach since I know myself very much and I will not be really an effective accounting teacher. So most probably, I will be applying to our conference as an accountant or as an internal auditor. My mother once held an office in our church as a treasurer so she knows some people who can help me with my recommendations, especially the conference’s internal auditors. It has always been one of my dreams to work in an Adventist Institution since I know that Sabbath keeping will never be an issue. Not only the worship services are a factor but also the environment and people I will be working with. I am hoping that if I work in an Adventist Institution, there will no compromises regarding my faith and that I can still join freely many other kinds of ministries. While still working in an Adventist Institution as an accountant or an internal auditor, I will still be saving up for my own business.

These are the three plans that I have after passing the CPA Board Examination and of course, after graduation. The Bible has been telling me not to worry about tomorrow and let tomorrow worry about itself. I believe that the Lord has way better plans for me. And just like how I started my accounting journey in AUP, He also has His very own ways in leading me to where He wants me to be. The Lord knows my desires and these plans that I have. It has always been my desire too, to obey His will.

So I will be an accountant in accordance to where and what my Lord wants me to be.

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