What Kind of Accountant Will I Be? Part 2/7

6:00 PM


A big part of my decision to stay in this course is the influence of my professors in accounting. I tend to look after a teacher’s ability and character. Who the teacher is, has become much more important to me that what they really teach. I always don’t look after the subject but on how the teacher would get along with his students as he teaches. In that way, I find myself happy in studying. I am motivated and inspired by them. Facts, theories and problems in our accounting and law books weren’t enough in persuading me not to shift to another degree. But the lives of my professors are so much enough in encouraging me to stay. Their ideas and life experiences while being an accountant has opened my eyes to much more than what the accounting books are teaching me. They did not actually talk to me personally nor did I even dare myself to ask them about their life as an accountant; but as I face each of them in the classroom every day, their lives are already testifying.

As I stayed longer in AUP, I’ve learned so much more than just finishing and attaining a difficult and extraordinary degree. I have personally learned many things from my teachers, especially my accounting teachers. Their lives are testimonies which influenced my point of view on being an accountant in the future: not just any other accountant, but being a Christian accountant. I have realized that they could have chosen to be in a work place where they can earn better. Knowing that they already have the degree and the experiences of being an accountant, they could have better privileges if they would work in bigger companies. I can hear stories about CPAs who are earning a lot and has so many benefits because of their title but my teachers chose to teach. Not in a high paying university, but in AUP. For me, that is missionary work. I can imagine good offers to them by good companies. Maybe they could even work abroad and enjoy greener pasture there but they stayed and taught. I am not so sure if this is also their philosophy but I have learned from them that it’s not what this world could offer, but it is what they could offer to the Lord that really matters.
I will be an accountant who will do his work for the Lord.

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