aN exErpt..

11:07 PM

i hate my ex's
by: me

You're so exaggerating, he's not that extinct..

The truth is, I'm just existing..

I'm very expired to go to school because that school is at its highest level!!

It's exceeding the line.. The students are exotic!!

I can't reach it anymore!! At any time, they're gonna explode..

It's very hard to be exposed at a very extreme audience..

Excuse me for being excruciate, I can't understand what I'm writing exempt for what I'm exercising..

Never did I say that I'm exorcist or whatever..

This is just an excess of my exterior mind..

Exchanging thoughts and ideas with my fellow schoolmates and extraordinary classmates..

It's like being exerious at exactly period..

Excellence is there at our examination exception for the expedition were going..

This letter, excerpt, story, ideas or an expression of my mind is just a part of executing my brain..

I don't know where these things came from..

But, extensioning things to another is what I'm thinking..

Hope, this would end..

Soon.. An extension would do..

I promise..

Today and only today..

My being exclusive would..



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