E is for Ever Thought Of Me?

10:45 PM

Dearest Future Special Someone,

It's funny writing to someone you haven't met yet. But you see even though I really don't have any idea who you are, I have been thinking about you already. Well, of course, anyone who is looking forward to being in a relationship someday is thinking about their future partners. Like, thinking about how does he/she look like, what are his/her habits.
I am thinking completely different. At this time, I admit I am thinking about you. I am wondering what are you doing at this very hour. Are you with your family? Are you with your friends? Do you have a girlfriend right now? Or, what do you feel at this moment? Because I am curious what's happening to you and what's going on your mind. Are you looking at the stars and the moon right now? Where are you? What songs are you listening to? Have you been praying for your future special someone too? I am even hoping that you are writing letters for me too. I would really, really, really love to read them someday. Maybe we have been writing at the same time, we didn't know we were answering each other's letters already. I am really curious, have you ever thought of me too?

Yours truly,
 Your Future Special Someone

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  1. Oh my! You're just like me. I also write letters to my future special someone and have been praying for him since i-don't-know-when. I just don't know how he would look like. This is interesting. ^_^

  2. What a lovely thought... That a special someone might be thinking of and even writing to you as we "speak" :) Too bad you dropped out of the challenge... would've liked to see more.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  3. I feel you Naj! ;) I used to write hand written letters to my future special someone. *sigh* I need to bring it back!!!

    1. You should! I've been keeping my hand written letters in a jar. And maybe I'll give it to him, in the future. :D


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