Sweet, sweet harmony

6:29 PM

With my parents in ministry
            I am not a teacher by the course I am taking, but I have been teaching kids since I have learned to share the good news about Jesus Christ. Every summer vacation, our church hold this two-week program where we go to places with many kids.We call this Vacation Bible School. Sometimes, if it's not during vacation, we still have the same kind of program but only during Saturday afternoons which we call Branch Sabbath School. There, we would be teaching children about the inspiring stories in the Bible especially about Jesus Christ, we would share them lessons about proper manners and about health, we also teach them songs and we pray for them. We also teach them different kinds of crafts and they would color materials that we provide. And because we call it "school", it also has the graduation part. The children will be invited in our church, where they will be given gifts and awards. I cannot say that graduation is the best part about this program. But it is when the children would always love to sing the songs about Jesus' love that they have learned, and when they would be amazed about God's wonderful love and works. Then at the end of the day, even they would not say thank you to us, their beautiful smiles are enough for us to be inspired and be back again the next day to be with them again. I know, sometimes they are really naughty and hyper. Some would cry, shout and would even quarrel but all we need is to show them love and understanding. I remember when Christ once said to one of His disciples, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."*

Mama and Papa. I miss them :)

Praying and singing kids

VBS 2013 Sitio Bacao with some of the teachers

VBS 2013 at church

Me with Justine and Jonalyn

Justine is a girl :)

Years I have been with instruments 
Whom the Master have called and invited 
It created a beautiful harmony 
That touched the soul of many 

Once or twice, it made someone smile 

Once or twice or thrice, a help reached a mile 
A proof that miracles are possible 
Oh the gladness of serving His people! 

How lovely, how fulfilling! 

When I see their faces glow with cheer 
All candid, all sincere 
To witness them again is a longing 

I am not a reason, but it is the season 

Of laughing and dancing, of planting and building* 
Not a time to lose, every moment to keep 
For the hands of the clock are ticking

Behold this world around us 

The realm should soon come to pass 
Without keen eyes and deep understanding, 
We cannot see their desire and yearning 

Hearken! Listen. There is a wish to fulfill 

A hope to cheer, a song to hear 
Only a sweet, sweet song can fill these empty hearts 
Whom only the sweet, sweet Master can impart 

No less, but more, the great Composer requires 

He asks of more instruments to play and be applied 
To create more beautiful harmony 
That will touch the soul of many.

*Matthew 19:14
*Ecclesiastes 3

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  1. what a lovely ministry event, God Bless You:)

    "The Photographic Sense:The 16th Mod Birthday Party" on http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  2. hi there. thank you for dropping by my blog. maybe we can exchange links :)))

    I am happy to see that you are involved in the ministry to spread the gospel of God to children. I almost cried. ^_^

    God bless you.

  3. I thank God so much for giving you a talent in writing,keep posting a inspiring testimony.Your spend a fruitful vacation.

  4. i'm jealous! i love little kids to bits. ♥

    i followed you back. ;)

  5. God Bless ur goood heart Darling:)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving ur comment, definitely here to return the favor but I was so awed with all the things ur doing for other people:)

  6. such the greatest thing to spend summer vacation instead of picking lust! <3 Matthew 24:14 :)


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