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9:34 PM

Talking about my personal feelings is really rare. In case you've stumbled upon my blog and is currently reading this and you know me personally, I suggest that if we are friends but not the kind of really, really close friends, then don't try to be one. Haha! April Fools! :D

Nahh. Just wanna express something but can't.
And I just want to write anything.
Waaaah. Or maybe I was just really angry earlier.
Yep, I was angry.
And they tell, I am always.
Haaay. Oh well, carameeell.
I'm craving for caramel popcorn at the moment.
Maybe that'll lessen my bitterness.
But caramel popcorn is unavailable.
Sleep might be the best answer.
Besides, I'm tired as a running horse. (EHHH???)
Now I don't know what's happening to me.
Swimming should be accused of this!!
My whole body really aches.
Now I'm expressing.
What a rant.
But this ain't talking to self.
This is talking. No, typing.
Or maybe conversing. Yeah, yeah.
With you!!
Now why don't you just answer me,
Want to be friends?
e-mail me! :))

I'm half-crazy over you. April Foolsss!! Haha!
If I would wake up tomorrow morning and would realize that what I wrote tonight is a real EPIC FAIL.
I promise, I'll delete this post. Haha.
But if I thought otherwise, then I'll keep this.
And maybe would still do things like this.
*Sigh --- I'm just really tired.
Have a good night.

PS. The title of this post should've been.. CRAZY and NON-SENSE. Haha. And, Happy April 1st. HAHA.

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