My 2014 Summary in Sentences

10:51 PM

Happy New Year! 
Here is a summary of what happened, what I felt, and I what I learned the whole year of 2014.
Short sentences are better.

I know I did not start my year right.
I've made other people disappointed at me.
I failed God so many times.
I thought I did my best.
I wished I did my best.
I was given so many second chances.
I learned the meaning of grace.
I have come to learn more about Jesus.
I felt special.
I liked being treated special.
I felt alone.
I felt lonely.
I got inspired.
I ate new food.
I’ve met many strangers.
I’ve made new friendships.
I learned more to value friendships.
I learned a lot from the lives of people around me.
I was blessed.
I did outreach ministries.
I enjoyed doing outreach.
I loved doing outreach.
I was reached.
I can’t believe I’m 20.
I’ve listened to love advices.
I’ve listened to life advices.
I received many study advices.
I gave life advices.
I gave love advices.
I realized I was still immature with love.
I’ve listened to many heart breaking love stories.
I prayed for broken hearted people.
I watched too many movies.
I realized they’re illuminati.
I spent too much time on the internet.
I downloaded 3 albums of secular music.
I learned many new songs.
I sang solo.
I was selfish.
I have realized there’s always a better person than me.
I took no notice of my time.
I have not prioritized things.
I did exercise.
I jogged.
I played sports.
I learned photography.
I appreciated nature.
There is an unexplainable joy in doing service.
Most of the time I thought I was serving.
I realized I was being served.
I was humbled.
I like being alone.
I still don’t like feeling alone in a familiar crowded place.
I ate alone at the cafeteria for the first time.
I still like the stars and the moon.
I waited for the full moon every month.
I’ve read too many poems.
I had 2 favourite poems.
I read 4 novels.
I bought ribbons in the internet.
I earned money from the internet.
I had favourite people.
I had a most favourite.
I got stressed.
I did not get sick.
I got love sick.
I cried.
I wished specific people will stay the same.
I wished feelings will never change.
Forever is a long, long time.
I travelled to one new place.
I went there twice.
People came and become special.
Being special can be temporary.
People go.
I learned more lessons in pain than in happiness.
I’ve seen how pain changes and teaches people.
I have witnessed how God can use pain.
I’ve become more aware of having the freedom of choice.
I stalked people.
I was insecure.
I learned that infatuation can last for 2 years.
I had a crush.
I had thoughts of having a boyfriend.
I changed my mind.
I did not accomplish some plans.
I did not get angry.
I hated myself.
I got crazy.
I became a laughing stock.
I felt out of place.
I smiled a lot of times with no reason.
I became much more observant.
I was more open.
I forgot about my blog.
I don’t know if that was a good thing.
I wished all people will like me.
I realized I can’t please everybody.
God answered my prayers.
God is answering my prayers.
Truth or Dare.
I chose truth.
I chose dare.
Life here on earth is unfair.
I realized I was trained for a business course.
I hated chemistry and physics more.
I learned to like history.
I was afraid of risks.
I took risks.
I swam in a river full of crocodiles.
I joked.

Although I have made wrong decisions and actions, I've experienced how God has worked in my life.
He makes beautiful things in His time.
He can make all things work together for good.
All His plans and doings are for the best.
I had a wonderful 2014.
It was my best year so far.

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  1. Hi, Naj. My first time here on your blog.

    I see you've done a lot last year. Although you may feel like you've failed I say you're still a winner in the sense that you DID try.

    As J.K. Rowling puts it: It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.

    So, keep trying. May 2015 be your best year yet. :)

  2. Jana! I've been so addicted to all of your posts! :) You know what, I'll comment in every post ;)

    1. I should award you as my Most Loyal Reader! Thank you Grace! <3


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