6 Years and Counting!

8:20 AM

It’s been a habit in this blog that every end of the year, I would reminisce its beginnings. Not only because it is the time of the year where we take a good look back at our lives but also because my blog anniversary is coming soon! Wow. I can’t imagine that I have been keeping this blog for almost 6 years now. And all along those years, I can see that I grew in different aspects of life.

Part of my year-end tradition is rereading some of my posts so I have read again my downfalls, achievements, confused times, and inspired moments. They are not in great detail and some are in lapses, but I realized that these are me all those years.

I was once that broken hearted little girl who was trying to find a place to express suppressed emotions and found a way through this blog. I learned that my high school classmates were also fond of writing so together, we created accounts. We post everything and anything we want; we comment at each other’s post, read each other’s blogs, compose poems, write stories, tell our lives. It was fun while it last. But soon, as months and years passed by, we parted ways. Some of them stopped writing. Others update once in a blue moon, and I was a survivor in maintaining this site. I don’t know what kept me going. I was writing before because I have readers – my classmates read my posts. What’s the use of writing publicly when it’s not read? But I still continued and tried to find friends in the blogging world. I explored and found that I should read and comment on other people’s blog to gain readers. I also learned that I can even earn money just by writing. Again, another highlight of this blog. I was that busy girl who updates everyday her blog and read other blogs. I was diligent in commenting on their posts and I really gained followers and readers. It was fulfilling but I wasn’t satisfied and it was kind of tiring. So I slowed down again but still continued. Then I shifted my focus in writing poems and short stories. And this has somehow made me satisfied. I am an introvert person. And when I speak, my thoughts are so random. And I found a way to be brief and that was through composing poems. Although most of my poems are not really inspirational, still it was my way of expressing feelings. I tried to join contests and learned that I can write short stories. I thought I finally found the meaning of keeping this blog. Then I was motivated to write inspiring thoughts because I was reading inspirational blogs. I tried to share everything I learn at school, at church, my experiences, and other people’s experiences. This was much more fun because of I get to share my faith. But studies were a priority so again, I slowed down.

At first, I still share publicly my blog. But then I thought, I don’t want people to just get to know who I really am. I was ashamed and afraid, so I tried to hide. Only those who will really seek shall find this blog. I began to feel that this is my another world. I do not aspire to be a famous blogger, or whatever. I’m just glad that in 6 years, this blog is still alive amidst all the drastic change in the internet world.

Currently, my posts are a random of anything I want to share. As much as I want to be organized, I just cannot be for now. Maybe after passing the board exam? Yeah, I hope.

Now why am I summarizing my blogging life? Because I’m trying to change again the URL of this site. It’s going to be the 3rd time this blog is going to change its URL. Soon, before 2014 ends.

Happy December! Advance Happy 6th Anniversary to my blog. :D

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