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I am just so glad I have read from my best friend's blog this idea of writing something about anything and everything to my special someone in the future. I don't know if it's good that this is public but I'll try to be general. I'll try to make this post relatable to other readers as possible.

       I am currently composing this letter while I'm riding a jeepney going home. That's why I have thought about traveling. I am a self-confessed home body but I ironically like traveling. Although the farthest I have been to as of the moment, is the almost 24 hour land and sea travel from Manila to Catanduanes, Bicol. I just like the idea of seeing a new place, and the feeling of riding a vehicle.
       I usually prefer traveling alone or even just going to a near a place. So I can observe other passengers, listen to their talks (i'm not a gossiper, i just like listening), watch the scenery, imagine tall tales, listen to my music, daydream, create stories in my head or be dramatic. When I have company, I feel I am obliged to talk to them. And I am not the talkative type.
       I've been dreaming of going to much farther places like Palawan, Bohol, Mindanao, Isabela, or tour around the world. Public or private ride, I don't care as long as I know where I am going to. I would really appreciate traveling to your province. Traveling would mean much more to me when I know what I will do in the destination. That's why I am a home body, I don't just go somewhere without a reason. I haven't tried riding a plane. But I am dreaming of it!
       I only have 2 favorite seats whether its a jeepney or a bus. The front seat, behind the driver and the back seat. I know it's not only me. Most of my friends also prefer seating in these places. I wonder what's yours? And I'm really curious of the places you have been to. Maybe I have been there to. 
      I cannot share anything more about traveling because I haven't really traveled at all. I only hope that you like traveling as much as I do. Cause although I prefer traveling alone, it would still be better if I do it with someone I consider special. :)

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  1. Hi Naz! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I followed you back. :)

    Travelling can be fun if we find a right partner to go with. But wrong company can sour our mood and travels. ;)

  2. As of the moment I haven't been anywhere that far either. Though I'm working on flying right now. I can't tell you if I'll be your special someone someday but since you mentioned someone in your future I thought I'd drop by and say hi.

    And yes, I love travelling as much as you do. :)
    Often i'd go out for long walks on a fine afternoon when I'm not travelling. I also love going near the sea, not exactly on the beach, as long as I can view the ocean i'll be satisfied.

    There's so much i would love to tell you. About all the wonders that i've seen. But that will have to wait until i get to finish this flying thing.

    Well, that's about as much as i can tell...
    I'll see you in your future... Till then :)

    1. You are interesting. I'm curious as to who you are. Looking forward to those things you would love to tell me. ;)


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