Do not.

12:27 AM

Just finished watching the Yellow Brick Road Movie.
I'm not in the mood to make a review; not that the movie was ASDFGHJKL. Also I'm just really late in watching movies. Yellow Brick was released in 2010. So, not a latest movie.
Anyway, I just want to talk about senseless things.
Well, truth is. I want attention.
I want to be asked.
Want to be scolded, if someone must.
Want to be slapped in the face.
I want to laugh.
I want to be the reason why someone's smiling.
The reason why someone is crying.
I want to go out.
I've been desperate for days to walk in grass.
Grass that is so green.
Or even dry grass.
Or any grass. Just let me walk in it.
Let me see it.
Let me feel it.
Let me sense.
I want to see people I don't know.
Listen to their stories and laugh over it or cry over it.
And at the end of the day, be a friend.
There are only few people I know.
And there are few people I haven't shared something unique in their lives.
I don't know.
I don't want to be typical, common.
I want to be a stranger.
Ironic? Still, I don't know.
Maybe these thoughts are a level-up to puberty stages.
I guess so.
Cause I am not like this before when I can contain and hide feelings and emotions.
And eventually, burst it in secret.
-Write them in a notebook.
Unlike now, I burst it somewhere where a few may be able to read.
Cause I really want attention.
Watch the Yellow Brick Road and be caught up in a psychological movie. :D

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  1. ..hey! saw the trailer of that movie uve mentioned. Gosh! .. can't bear to watch for i got so scared.. hehehe

    followed ya!. mind to visit mine, too?!
    just for fun..

    1. It was not really scary. Or maybe I just like scary movies that I got used to them already. Haha. Well, it is REALLY NOT SCARY. Though the thought of whys, hows, and whos in the movie can really fright that something in you.

      Hey! I'll visit you! Let's follow back! ;)

    2. i promised to myself not to watch such movie but im trying my very best to keep my eyes open with all bravery until the film ends.. hehehe.

      i feel so coward yet i know bravery still lives within me,, in different terms! :-)

    3. It's fine. Thing is you're trying. LOL.

      I know that bravery! Your recent post was a kind of bravery, with all thoughts, I can say. Hehe.

    4. i know ryt!.. ya saw ur comment.
      thanks anyway!..


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