A keepsake

12:28 AM

There are moments you know can never happen twice. They’re nice, memorable, or wonderful that as they last, you would want to cease the time from running and cherish every second that it is happening. But not all moments that were once precious are still precious after the days, weeks, months and years pass by and be called memories. Because the fact is, time is fast running and tomorrow is always unsure.
Some memories are so amazing that when you got to meet again the people involved during these past happenings, you would always want to talk about it again, laugh about it again, reminisce it again, or be proud of it again. You never regret being with these wonderful people, or being with this extra-ordinary person because they had made you happy and that once in your lifetime, there was this moment that had been very special and had written a delightful chapter in your life.
Lovely memories are those you know without them, your life can never be complete.  They make you nostalgic every time presents moments are a resemblance of the past. People involved are the most special in your life but you know you can never be again with them because reality is, like it or not, a life always meets its end. A simple picture, simple clothing, simplest things, make you yearn for them and for the happiest moments with them. Sometimes you even regret because you feel the moments you shared are not enough and that you can only wish you cherished all the time you had while with them.
There are unforgettable memories which seem to be a real treasure before while it lasts but as people, things, and milieu changes and passes by, they are now regretful memories to you. Sometimes though you really wanted to forget what happened in the past, you just can’t stop recalling happenings. Especially when the person involved was once a paramour. The places you visited before, the sweet or bitter conversations with him/her, belongings or stuffs you shared with each other, even fragrance or similarities of him/her – these can make you remember the past. But as you get back to your senses, you’ll feel again the pain. Maybe not because of what that person has done to hurt you but because you feel, the treasured moments were just wasted.
We may never remember anymore the days, but we remember the moments. These are now a part of a man’s sequestered literature of life, an album, a diary.
So many memories to reminisce. Some are untold while others are talked.
But all were once a part of time in the past, of course. You have even wished times stood still. Maybe because you want to rest and stay that moment, wanted that very hour to last forever for you are so joyous and loved, or maybe you never wanted to stay for another minute of your life because of the pain and sorrow. Or it might be you didn’t want to last a second of being so angry and annoyed.
They had made you. And the memory you will do today for the future, can dictate who you are for tomorrow.
To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward. ~Margaret Fairless Barber, The Roadmender

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