I'm not a girl?!

11:21 PM

I'm not girly yet not a lesbian. 
Kapag ba hindi pa-girl eh Lesbian na agad? Di ba pwedeng hindi lang talaga maarte? 
I have read this in Twitter sometime ago and I can somehow relate. And I know many young people like me can also relate.
Well it is just that, I am not into make-ups.
I prefer Sneakers or Tom's instead of Doll shoes or heels.
I wear dress only at church and of course some special occasions.
Sam Pinto. *credits to her FB page
Inside my closet are t-shirts and really few blouses, jeans, and NO SHORT SHORTS. There are skirts for church but there are NO MINI-SKIRTS.
Truth is, no friend of mine had borrowed clothing from me yet because they know that I don't have what they need. Haha!
Another confession, I like beautiful girls. Not that I envy them but I admire them! My latest girl crush is Sam Pinto! Her beauty is really WOW for me.
I usually stalk pictures of my beautiful friends in Facebook. Ssssh! Please don't tell them. :D
New friends tease me that I'm tomboy because of my boyish acts.
But to closest friends, I am really a girl! And like many other girls, kinikilig ako sa mga crush kong super hot! Lol.

So, why I posted this? Because my roommate texted me this morning. She has always been the first person to tease me that I'm a boy. She even calls me her "Boyfie." So yeaaaah, I just remembered and was intrigued about transgenders.

But this came to realization out of my little brain. :)))
Identity crisis is a part of growing up. It's a matter of two choices: Whether you will accept the identity given you or will you change it and live to the justified imagination that you are trapped in a wrong body.

Freaky me!
I'm not being opinionated today. Haha. -_-

By the way, I am 101% straight! And one day, I know I will like fashion. ;)

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  1. haha. may naka relate na rin sa feelings ko. hahaha. and i agree with this ng sobra sobra "Identity crisis is a part of growing up. It's a matter of two choices: Whether you will accept the identity given you or will you change it and live to the justified imagination that you are trapped in a wrong body."


    1. Yey! I got someone at my back. Lol. Apiiirrr! :D
      I do respect transgenders. It's their choice. :)

  2. hahaha. This made me laugh. Who wouldn't be fascinated with Sam Pinto's beauty, anyway? She's hot as hell, man!

    But I do believe that you're straight. I don't know. Gut feel, I guess. :)


    1. If I were a boy, (kanta ba to? lol) I'd go gaga over Sam!! Hahaha.
      Thank you sir for believing and for the gut feeling that I am straight! :D

  3. just do what you feel and wear what u love. BE YOURSELF!. thats the most important thing.. :-) know what, i like more girls who look simple,such as I am, than those gals trying hard to put make-ups on their faces!. yak!

    gender crisis huh?!. hahaha.. oh well, i only hope u wud finally figure out who u really are..

    BTW, followed u on twitter! mind of following back?. hahaha

    1. Surely I agree to that! BE YOURSELF! That is already the best thing you can do to yourself. :)

      Don't worry Jela, I had figured already that I am straight! :D

      Done following you! Check out my name in your followers: Jana Teves
      Thanks for following! ;)

    2. thanks a lot for the follow ..♥

  4. just be yourself, okay na yung may konting pagkaboyish kesa yung sobrang arte na aprang napakalinis nyang tignan :))

    1. Woah, ayaw ko naman siguro maging sobrang arte. >.<
      I agree! Thanks! ;)

  5. ok lang naman maging boyish kesa naman di ka magpakatotoo pero syempre kung bothered ka na sa mga sinasabi nila try to be more feminine kahit sa kulay lang ng sinusuot mo kahit di na sa cut or style. =D

    1. Yeah, yer right. I was really bothered at first. Kasi nga yun pala tingin nila sakin. Little by little maybe and I'd be full feminine! Thanks! :)

  6. identity crisis is quite normal for adolescents, don't worry Jana! you can get over it! mas ok nga ang boyish coz they're cool and nice to hang around...

    by the way, i followed you already. thanks for following my blog! :)

    1. Yep! I believe I can. :)
      Thank you too! ;)

  7. the fact that you like looking at pictures of your pretty friends means that somehow someday you want to unleash that pretty girly side of you. :)

    1. You are really right! I just do not know how and when. Maybe time can only tell. :) Thank you Ile! :)

  8. Sam Pinto really has a pretty face. My girl crush is Georgina Wilson :)
    You'll surely like fashion , girl! :D


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