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Okaaaay. I'm just giving my work a try. I am not really a writer so please bear. Haha.
I am a lover and a fan of short stories. I also read novels and the likes but short stories are the best for me. Maybe because short stories are short and they leave to your imagination the rest of the story. Unlike a novel which has an ending. If not, it has a sequel. Or sometimes may also leave you hanging after the so many adventures of the characters which at some point I hate because it makes me think, NOW WHAT?!
Short stories are not really short by just it's mere number of words. It is short because it is just a little part of someone or somebody's life story which have been put into words and that had been given a greater detail.
Just last semester, I had found out that I can write short stories. It started when one day I went to the Filipiniana Section of my university's library then I started reading short stories of Filipino writers. That is why I had already written some and shared it here. If you want to read them, click this and this. Most of what I have already written were inspired by the works of the great Filipino writers I have read. And I think they're fine for a beginner like me.
And so, I am going to post another short story. This one's not really good, I admit. But I just tried. It is a piece for a contest of Sir Bino. I have been a silent reader of his blog for almost three months when a contest for free writing was announced. This time, I was not inspired by any work. That is why I am a bit not confident of my work. >.<
Deadline is tomorrow. And I'm just going to submit now. Haha. Better late than never.
I have read the work of others and they are just really awesome that I was hesitating at first to write and submit one. Even at this very moment, before submitting, I am doubtful. But for the sake of my love for short stories (really?), I am going to submit. Soooo, this is just an introduction to my story. :D
Click this if you haven't found my new story yet or just in case you want to read it. :)

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