Hello July!

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Hello to my dearest blog again! At last! I tried to update this “other world” of mine after 123, 234, 677 years. I just want to spend a little time out of my really tight schedule to post something for my soon birthday! I know what I’m going to say here again is a bit selfish and really just about me. But hey, who cares? This is my blog and I should just freely let my thoughts drift away and be posted. Lol.

Anyway, it’s the month of July already! It’s the seventh month of the year! It’s my birth month! My birthday’s so soon! HAHA! Nah. I’m not excited. I don’t even want the 10th day of the month to come ‘cause I know my age is gonna increase another number again. For short, I’M GETTING OLDER. -_-

But this is life.

I was planning the other day what should I do for my 19th birthday. But just like any other birthdays of mine, I’m not going to do anything. HAHA. But here are something I can do to help me realize how blessed my 19 years of my life has been. :D

My 10 Nineteen’s:

1. 19 new people in my life.

2. 19 things I currently have and value the most.

3. 19 places I have recently/commonly visited.

4. 19 usual things I do.

5. 19 songs I really, really like.

6. –

7. –

8. –

9. –

10. –

These are only 5 for now. But I will be sharing in this post my first in the 10 Nineteen’s.

19 New People in my Life

1. Chamu – one the trustworthy persons I have. I treat her as my sister. We call each other ‘kambal’.

2. Mhitzie – she’s a talkative, funny, and unique girl who treats me as one of her bestfriends. I don’t know why she sees me as her best friend. But I really appreciate everything about her.

3. Kuya Genel – a just newly found true friend. I never thought that I would get the chance to be close to him since he is a senior BSA student. But because of his wit, his love of music, and his sanguine personality, a good friendship was created. :D

4. Nuna – my new roommate. She’s a first year dentistry student. She rarely talks but I know that she’ll show her true colors soon!

5. Xanthy – new roommate. She’s a grade 8 student who is really much taller than I and has a really long, long, black hair.

6. Grethel – new roommate. She’s a graduating business student. She may look like a snob and a really silent girl. But this lady has a really funny and crazy side of her.

7. Ann – new roommate. A transferee ECE student. She’s also the kind of girl who can always show the crazy side of her. She calls herself ‘bading’ because of her ma-‘okray’ and unique words.

8. Ate Fhaye – A new friend because of Chamu.

9. Faith – Ate Fhaye and Chamu’s roommate.

10. Ma’am Lintao – my professor in Advance Accounting.

11. Ma’am Joy – my professor in Cost Accounting

12. Sir Red – my professor in Law in Obligations and Contracts

13. Ma’am Mimi – my professor in Financial Accounting 3 and Financial Management

14. Batchmates – the friends whom I can always relate with. Being a BSA student is really a serious thing. And one should really have good friendships along the journey to cope up with difficult times and accounting subjects. Lol

15. Ellen – We’re roommates already for 1 year. And I’m glad to have the chance to get to know her better. J

16. Sheila – An Ilongga and medtech student who is also my roommate for a year already. Her personality is a bit like mine. We can understand each other’s sentiments eh. :D

17. Sir Batulayan – my Earth Science subject professor. I really learn many things from him.

18. Ma’am Uy – our dormitory dean. She’s our second mother in our home away from home.

19. The nineteen year old Jana. Soon she shall mature and would learn so many things in life. I want to see how she will grow up and would live this life. Gonna meet her soon. ; )

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  1. Wala man ako sa 19 new people. tsk.

    /leb -.-


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