I did not

4:29 PM

I woke up this morning 
Not wanting to see myself mourning
So I decided to set a mood
That will do everything good

I looked in front of the mirror,
No I don’t want to see any horror.
So I smiled to this person I see
To start my day with glee

I planned my whole day right: 
Time, priorities, and responsibilities – in sight. 
Not a minute or second to waste 
Because I don’t want anything in haste

But someone changed the mood 
A nerve snapped everything that’s good
It just happened this morning
Oh no, I see myself mourning.

What I imagined was happy to see
But what happened to the thought so glee?
Then I faced again the mirror,
Now, who’s this person in shock and horror?

I think I will be starting with waste.
So I’ll just finish the day in haste
Because I don’t think things will turn out right
Especially now that only dim is in sight.

How I wish it was you whom I miss
(Not the ‘miss’ that don’t lead to a person’s bliss)
‘Cause for a second, it was the bad thought I heed
And in the end, I’m wrong, indeed.

Honestly, all I want is rhyme
And wow! I did it alright!
But then remember this: That in our choices belong happiness.
So do not depend it on other people’s mess.

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