cause you're always with me.

5:22 PM

: too lazy.
: no, you're afraid.
: with what?
: with people around you.
: yeah. criticisms..
: why?
: too shy.
: with?
: too shy to accept criticisms.
: it makes you better if you accept it positively.
: that's easy.
: then, why not?
: i'm afraid someone's better than me.
: of course!
: ??
: cause you can't be the better one always.
: i can't help but think that i should be the better one.
: that's getting too proud.
: yeah..
: you are the best with the way you can.
: but i can't always be the best?
: yes. being the best is when you are happy with what you are doing. being happy for others who are doing their best like the way you do!
: well. i should improve.

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