new, new, new.

10:14 AM

after months of thinking, choosing, weighing facts..
i transferred to another university.
hoping i decided for the best.

it's a bit hard adjusting.
a dormitory, away from home.
managing time, schedules.
being independent.
-deciding for your own.
-doing responsibilities.
finding and making new friends.

i was really alone at first.
i miss my best girl friends.
i was keeping thoughts.
i'm being insecure.
i'm shy.

i told myself,
"have you made the right decision?"
i really hid feelings and emotions.
showing others i'm okay, doing great.
i was in need again of friends.

i asked God on the third day of school.
"God, please give me this day a friend. 
Even just one and i'll be the nicest friend i can be to her."
and i got not one friend.
but one bunch of friends.
from the dorm,
the classmates,
from the cafeteria.
now i need to be the nicest friend i can be to them.

then, good things happened after.
but still, i'm adjusting to everything.

it's just the beginning.

"When God choose a place for you, it got to be the best."

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