Heart's Day still

4:59 PM

February 14 story is not yet done. I just never thought and expected that someone will really do an effort that I didn't mind what he did starting yesterday morning.

Feb 14, 5:00 am. I woke up early to eat at the cafeteria. I went to my locker and found a folded paper in the handle of the door. I took the paper and checked what was written inside.
"Good morning Dimple! Happy Valentine's! <3"
Because I was still dizzy and thought that it was just a simple and common greeting for that day, I ignored it and continued  my usual day. After morning classes, I didn't went back to the dormitory at lunch cause I still had to finish something in the library so I just went home (the dormitory) late. It was past 6:00 in the evening. I entered the room amazed with the fragrance. The room smelt flowers - Stargazers and Roses. Of course, the kilig factor and teases were there for my roommates not knowing that in my bed, I also found three white roses. I already had someone in mind and I was right. It was him, the one who sent the morning greeting. The same paper was there except the "Good morning" was teared and a "Good afternoon"  has been replaced. I laughed when I saw the same paper and even thought to myself, "He should have written the message to another paper." I felt so mean. Haha.
Anyway, as to what I have mentioned in my previous blog, I was glad to receive the roses.
And later that evening, my another roommate came with this paper bag in her hand. Of course, I still thought it was hers cause she went on a date, perhaps inside were gifts or whatsoever. When suddenly she shrieked and handed me the paper bag. I looked at her shocked, with a big question mark in my face. ????? HAHA.
"What's this Ate?"
 "Take a look and thank me ha! Because of me you have that."
I peeked inside the bag and found CHOCOLATES! As in many.
Another letter was there. And this time it's already in a stationary paper. I read it and he told me that he wished he had made me happy that day - a letter in the morning, roses in the afternoon, and chocolates in the evening.
Now I feel that I am really getting old. I only see this kind of things back when I was in elementary and high school. But I was really glad, of course. Who wouldn't? It was really nice of him to do those efforts.

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