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3:39 PM

Last week I posted about Bloggeroid application for android phones. And here's a little review.

Bloggeroid is so plain simple. It can only be used for posting and saving drafts you have written. Of course you can still add labels for your posts. You can also add photos and videos. When you want to change font styles, you should do it manually. Like when I want to make a word in bold letters, I should put something like this first: (</bold> ) Most bloggers know how these kind of things work. And yeah, just that. You can view your posts only on your phone browser but not direct from the application. It doesn't work exactly like blogger. If you want an application only for posting then this can be good enough for you.

Currently, I am using another application because I was not contented with Bloggeroid. There are two blog applications on my wishlist app in playstore and I hope this second one will work exactly to my specifications. This app is Blogaway and I'll be posting a review the next time I get back. ;)

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