Letter Later

3:17 PM

Dearest Naj,

Hello there, Jana of the year 2019. It’s me, Jana of 2014. Maybe you are wondering why are you reading a letter from the past and addressed to yourself? Well for you to remember, Sir Ivan, your class instructor last summer 2014 in Technical Writing has given you an assignment to write to yourself, five years from now. And here is that letter; you are reading it for yourself.

How is your life been doing? I hope everything is fine and that you are having a great time with whatever’s been making you busy at this point of your life. I’m curious, are you a CPA now? Or if not, I hope you are happy and contented with whatever title or job you landed on. Do you still dream of being a medical doctor? Because after 5 years, I don’t know if you’re mind has changed and that you’ve been dreaming of other things already. In the past, you know how lazy and timid you are. Prove to me now that you grew up and that you’ve become more mature. I hope by now that you have overcome your attitude and habit struggles when you were still a teenager.  How is your love life? You told yourself five years ago that you should have a sweetheart by the age of 25 and if by the age of 30, you’re still unmarried, you are going to find a foreigner. Childish, huh? But if ever you have a special someone right now, I hope he is what you have been praying for. And of course, that he loves you. Don’t forget that you still have a little brother that you should help with his studies. Eydi and Aeron must be much taller than you are now.

I wonder do you have an Iphone already or a Ford Everest car? Or are you saving money already for a new house for mama and papa? I know I sound so materialistic, but these are just some of the things that you have been dreaming last five years. Remember? By the way, I hope you are now planning on establishing an orphanage. I just want to remind you.

After 5 years, Christ’s coming must have been really sooner than 2014. You should be by now, above everything else, working at God’s mission field. I am aware that as people grow older, challenges also grow in number and in difficulty. God is still the best Conqueror, Friend and Father you have after all. I know He is with you always.

It was fun writing this letter, I hope you also had fun reading it. God bless you, self. ;)

Yours truly,


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