nOn sEnsE cOnvErsAtiOn pArt III

2:33 PM

210 pm

A: Why can't we be friends?

E: Why can't it be?

K: Because I hate you all!

C: And you don't have time.

A: Maybe?

E: What the?

K: Topic?

C: Can we go bakc to the day's are love was strong?

A: No.. Never!

E: It's a nonsense conversation..

K: Can somebody tells me how to get things back? The way it used to be?

C: Oh God.. Give me reason I'm down on bended knees..

A: Was that song? I hate love songs..

E: Who's that?

K: Who? Me?

C: We all need just a little faith..

A: Love won"t find a way! Never will!

E: Whatevah!

K: Who are you?

C: It's too late to hold you?

A: Do you know who's talking??

E: What kind of conversation is this?

K: Haiyzt!

C: Foreign..

A: Nobody's a true friend.

E: You're right.. :]

K: But, I have good friends.. (~_^)

C: Charles.. Oh my Charles..

A: Well.. Just good friends.. Not true!

E: What's that supposed to mean?

K: They can be true.. If they want to..

C: I see the question in your eyes..

A: Ok.. They can.. But for me no one's a true friend..

E: Why "FRIENDS" is our topic?

K: I dunno.. But for A.. Even your adveetist friends..

C: I finally found someone..

A: I;m gonna complete it K.. For me, no one's a true here in our school..

E: K, A is right.. You can't trust anyone here..

K: Oh yeah.. But I trust all of you.. It's not a big deal.. A,C,E..

C: I think not.. Because it's up to you how you trust him/her..

A: You three are right.. It's up to us hot to be friends or to be "true friends" w/ them..

E: I trust you too K.. Finding true friends is hard.. But being friends w/ someone is an accomplishments.. Am I right??

K: Nosebleed!

C: Nothing gonna change my love for you..

A: It's like.... "Hard to be a human"... gets?? Translate it in "tagalog".

E: A.. It's true..

K: No, it's false..

C: If you have to live in a simple house.. You might..

A: What's the connection of a simple house in our conversation??

E: Yeah right.. What's the connection?

K: OK!

C: None..

A: Then, why did you write it here?? --> For C..

E: Haizt.. My head is aching?? Haha..

K: And so?

C: My nail is aching too.. wahahaha

A: My hair aches!

E: How 'bout you K? You don't have any pain?

K: I have pain.. In the heart..

C: What kind of pain?

A: Achy. breaky heart!

E: You're brokenhearted?

K: ??

C: Huh??

A: Who cares?

E: I really don't care.. I'm just curious..

K: I wanna ____ you.. You already know..

C: All we need is love; Love is all we need..

A: We don't need love.. I don't know love.. I'm not curious about love..

E: I don't have nothing to say..

K: My life at school is bore..

C: This day is bore..

A: This life is a bore! I feel the same K..

E: Everyday's a bore.. Hahaha..

K: Yeah right.. Wanna give some tip to make a bore a soar?!

C: Huh, I didn;t understand.

A: Make fun with everyone here at school! <-- My tip..

E: How can you make fun with your classmates when they make you feel others?

K: By making your heart a stone...

C:Why do I love somebody?

A: It's the best thing to do... Make fun w/ your classmates who makes you feel others.. REVENGE! (how bad..)

E: A.. That's bad.. Hmmm..

K: That's odd..

C: Hmppp.. I love Josh Morethan.. I love Chris Tiu..

E: Who's your worst enemy??

A: My closest friend may be my enemy!

K: My worst enemy is the bad side of me..

C: I think my worst enemy is my bad side too..

A: The truth is.. My closest friend is myself!

E: Me, myself and I.. My worst enemy is me..

K: You know.. You're all mimicking me..

C: How do we know if you fall in someone?

A: If you're hurt! You have fallen..

E: You always think of him/her.. Haha..

K: You can't sleep without thinking of him/her..

C: Wow.. You love someone? How do we say to him/her?

A: Tell "I LOVE YOU!"

E: But sometimes it's hard to say I LOVE YOU..

K:No, it's not hard.. Here "I LOVE YOU".... See? So easy...

C: How do you say it's hard?

A: It;s not hard for me.. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU..

E: It's already time.. Let's go home.. ^_^

K: OK.. Bye

C: Bye.. Bye..

A: Goodbye..

4:04 pm

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