nOn sEnsE cOnvErsAtiOn pArt II

2:31 PM

A: Panget ako..

J: Butilamo!

A: I didn't know.. I just feel..

E: Ganun ba..

J: And so?

A: Nothin'.. I just said.. Write pala..

E: Nosebleed!

J: Super Nosebleed!

A: Who cares?

E: I don't care..

J: Yeah! Right..

A: I'm wrong..

E: Huh??

J: What's that supposed to mean?

A: I don't know!!

E: Does anybody know why we're doing this??

J: I dunno!

A: I think I know..

E: What's the reason??

J: What kind of language is that??

A: Taglish.. Every pinoy knows that..

E: Yah.. I know..

J: Me too!

A: So, now what??

E: We will go home..

J: C'mon..

A: Goodbye!

E: Josh! Sabay tayo..

J: I don't want to..

A: Panget pa rin talaga!

4:06 pm

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