nOn sEnsE cOnvErsAtiOn...pArt IV

9:08 PM

E: What should we talk about?
A: I don't know.. I can't think..
K: Me too..
T: Hey E.. Why don't you ask again to us? So that's why we can checka2x.
C: I don't know too.....
E: What should I ask T?
A: E...You already asked!
K: Topic: What is your name?
T: Mr. K has a topic....
C: What if Joshua and steph get marry? I'm jealous.
E: Like I said.. haha.. K.. My name is E.. C.. Will you ask a better question..? :)
A: K.. my name is A.. I think it's none of my business C.. And they are already married..
K: Don't talk about me any more. will yah? or I'll quit... hehe... Let's talk about you!! You know who you are..
C: Ok, T has left.
E: Why did T left? L.. Patience my dear.. C, A is right.. We're married haha..
What do you mean K? "Let's talk about you?"
K: Uhh... You! And you! and also you!
C: No matter what they call us!
E: Huh? What are you talking about?
A: Talk about us?
K: Yah! Who wants to have a date on valentine?
C: When? Next year? With who?
E: Me.. Next year? Date with me K.. haha..
A:What's the history of valentine?
K: yah, next year... I dunno the history... but it starts with Adam and Eve..? ^_^
C: Me I know the history of valentine..
E: I know also the history of valentine..
A: I know too.. for K... Valentine is not about love.. It's about a priest who was imprisoned,, He used blood for writing letters..And the next story.. I don't know..:)
K: Ahh... I think I heard about it too... But I dunno... hehe...
C: It's couldn't been just another day.
E: I'm bored.. T_T
A: What are you saying C?
K: " " " " " "
C: In the way you hold me near.
E: C, that's a song right?
A: C.. You're so inspired... You're always writing love song lyrics..
K: I thought you hate love songs A?!
C: Yes, it's true. Sometimes we took the hard road but we always saw it through.
E: What should we do.. huhu..
A: Yah K.. I hate love songs...
K: Then why do you want the "This I promise you" by NSYNC?!
C: A reason why we love each other.
E: Who wants that song?
A: I already forgot that song.. It's for the past..
K: ahh... OK... (nosebleed?)
C: Life, it seem so wrong, you will see forever in so clearly.
E: LOVE SONGS.. haizt..
A: Why do you want love songs?
K: Yeah... " " " " " " "
C: No one else come close to you, no one makes me feel the way you do.
E: Love Bug..
A: No one answered my question...
K: Because it can make you feel....... umm....
C: I love love songs because I'm in love today. Want you to know you make me happy, want you to know you make me sad, want you to know you make me happy. You are the best thing that I ever had.
E: I'm speechless..
A: Ok.. I understand.. Love songs are only for those who are in love...
K: That means your not inlove A?!
C: The heart is stronger than you think.
E: Like it can go through anything.
A: K you're right.. I'm not inlove! :) Sometimes, the brain is much stronger and wser C..
K: Then why do you love him? A... For E, and so?
C: Even when you think about it.
E: I don't wanna talk..
A: Always... A nonsense.. K.. I don't know if I love him..
K: Who?
C: All the loving you gave me, the feelings we shared.

(we stopped for almost two hours because of FRIENDSHIP PROBLEM..and next....)

E: What happened a while ago? :)
A: I don't want to talk about it.. :)

-good thing.. the problem stopped..

(what an experience!)

a big lesson..


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