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1:41 PM

I can't see over the crowd or around them.
I ask what's going on and no one turns to acknowledge me.
Are they in a trance?
I have to see what they see, but how?
I pull myself up on a fire escape ladder.

Who is this?
He seems calm, peaceful, humble, serene and loving.
He is far away from where I stand, and I can feel Him.
I feel peace and hope.
I've never been at peace or had hope before.
I feel embarrassed to find tears streaming down my face.

He's coming closer.
He is almost directly below me now.
He's stopped.
"There you are. I've been looking for you,"
He says tenderly, looking up.
"Come My child," as He holds out His hand to me.
ME? I'm not worthy.
"I love you," He said.
And for the first time in my life, I feel loved.
"Come, I'll dine at your house tonight," He says.
How did He know me?
Why did He come looking for me?
I don't know and I won't ask, I'm just glad He did.

I followed him and my life that day changed.
I had spent my whole life alone.
Now, I know He was always with me and always would be.
He nurtured, loved, and kept me safe and warm.
He made me a new person.

As with anything, the newness wears off.
I still love and feel loved.
He's still with me,
however, I see the love mixing with pain and the disappointment in His eyes.
"Have you forgotten how much I love you?" He says tearfully.
"Why don't you live the life I've given you of fulfillment and peace?
Come back to Me, it's where you belong."
I fall at His feet and confess my unworthiness.

"What have I done to you?" I cried.

He says "Come, I'll show you what you've done, and what I did for you."

I'm standing on a hill.
I see a crowd of people.
There is anger, viciousness, and revenge.
Where is He?
I'm all alone again and I'm scared.
Why are some of the people crying?
Who is that?
He looks broken, sad and tired.
He's carrying a cross.
I'm confused.
What happened?
What are you doing to Him?
Don't you people know who He is?
He's my Lord, please don't hurt Him any more, let him go! !
They're raising the cross.
The guards turn and stand at attention.
I beg the guards to let Him down. "We can't," they say.

"But why, what do you think He did to deserve this?"

They just stared at me, then quietly said, "He loved you."

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