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I remember my English teachers who always tell us to write down words we don't know when we're reading and look it up in the dictionary. Well, I did not do that. I just read the dictionary when I have assignments about vocabulary. And as I'm growing up, I realized that looking up in the dictionary for words I don't know is very helpful and that I almost missed three-fourth of my life because I'm not doing that. So now, when I'm really bored, waiting for someone or just about to sleep, I always open the dictionary application of my cellphone and just read and search for interesting words there. When there are new words I heard or read, I just open my cellphone and there, another vocabulary. Sometimes, when I'm already tired of facebooking, done with the assignments, or just bored, I find it bizarre that I would just open Microsoft Office Word then look for the synonyms of a word; when I'm not contented, I would open the browser and search for words I would find very peculiar.
And here's a list of the words I really like:
1. Cruciverbalism - the art of crossword compilation or being a fan of crossword puzzles 
2. Accubitus - lying together in the same bed, but without any venereal commerce. 
3. Hagiology - is literature that narrates the lives and legends of saints and venerated holy people or, ephemeral events of a supernatural nature 
4. Liripoop - refers to the tassle found on a graduate's hood, (academic attire rarely worn today). The liripoop hung down the back when the hood was off, and wound around the head like a turban when the hood was on. 
5. Acersecomic - one whose hair has never been cut. 
6. Spondulicks - is an American slang term for money or cash (which the sponger never seems to have enough of in his pocket to pay for his drink, his meal, or your's for that matter. 
7. Timorous - frightened and nervous of other people and situations 
8. Bonhomie - happy, good-natured friendliness. 
9. Kaput - completely broken, useless or finished. 
10. Joie de vivre - a feeling of happiness and enjoyment of life
11. Obsequious - criticizing someone because they are too eager to help or agree with someone more important than them.
12. Kedgeree - a cooked dish consisting of rice, fish, and eggs.
13.Bone box - a pejorative term for the mouth.
14. Mesonoxian - Pertaining to midnight.
16. Nudiustertian - The day before yesterday.
17. Rastaquouere - A social climber.
18. Chinkers - coins, money.
19. Couchee - a visit received about bedtime.
20. Kook - someone who you think is slightly strange or eccentric.
21. Lachrymose - someone who cries very easily and very often.
22. Lackadaisical - someone who is rather lazy and do not show much interest or enthusiasm in what they do.
23. Gobbledegook - criticizing a speech or piece of writing for seeming like nonsense and being very technical or complicated.
24. Self-aggrandisement - someone that do certain things in order to make themselves more powerful, wealthy, or important.
25. Bon mot - a clever, witty remark. 

Some are obsolete but of course, I can still use them. 

iloveweirdwords :)

thanks to:
Collins Cobuild Advance Dictionary of English 

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  1. Lmfaooo I don't even know those words. O.o

  2. lol right! it was really fascinating. (:


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