Dearest, You..

5:44 PM

This morning, we were 30 minutes late for the student convocation in our university. The big doors of the chapel or may I say, the church were already closed because the hall is already full and there were only few seats for the late comers. Late comers are not really that welcome.  

The last day for the week of prayer was this morning and we were late. I really felt sad about that and not because we were late for the attendance but because, it is the WEEK OF PRAYER. I miss the part of the prayer garden. I also missed the singspiration part where the students are singing praises to God. I missed my favourite part where we are singing my new favourite song, the theme song. I also missed the part where the choir singing angelically. I missed almost half of the speaker’s message. And I really felt guilty with that.  But as I am coming to realization, there is something different I must be pondering on.
“Everyday must be a day of prayer and every week must be a week of prayer.”

It is not the other contents of the program that must only be considered special but it is PRAYER itself that must be considered very importantly.

It’s not only this week that must be special because it’s a part of the school’s special program but every week must be special. Very special for the Lord has always been so good. He is so good that He has given us the privilege to speak with Him, talk to Him, meditate on Him, spend personal time with Him through prayer.

I thank God for the week of prayer. I thank God for the realization. I thank God for prayer.


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