Death of death

12:59 AM

Jesus: Adam, come here.
Adam walked slowly towards the Lord.
Jesus: Do you see this lamb?
Adam: Yes, Lord. It is one of your beautiful creations, so gentle and kind.
Jesus: I want you to find a very sharp object.
After getting a sharp object, Adam went back to the Lord.
Adam: Here Lord is the sharp object. What shall I do with this?
Jesus: I want you to use that sharp object to cut the throat of this lamb.
Adam: Why, Lord?
Jesus: Just do it.

Then, maybe at that very moment, Adam felt the strangest feeling of all. Maybe his hands started shaking. His knees were trembling and he was sweating a lot. Slowly, he cut the throat of the lamb. Blood started pouring out and he can see the helpless lamb, hardly catching its breath. Then maybe Adam felt very, very sad and started crying.

Adam: Lord, what did I just do? I killed the lamb.
Jesus: Adam, I am that Lamb. I am the Lamb that takes away the sins of this world.

That very moment on, Adam and Eve’s sin was washed away by the blood of the lamb offered to God - The blood that represents Christ as a sacrifice. Because of sin, the disobedience to God’s word, we died spiritually. We were disconnected to Christ. We were hopeless. But because of a helpless lamb that must be sacrificed, hope was revived.
Christ came down in the earth, left His heavenly kingdom and transformed to a man, a human being. Amazing love He has for us. He was condemned and forsaken. He suffered man’s sin. He carried a cross, wore a crown of thorns, and was beaten badly. He bled and was hurt physically but nothing can compare to the hurt he felt inside. The Lamb of God died just for you and me. He accepted the ransom to die for the payment of our lives.
Faith, Hope and Love. And the greatest of this is Love.

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