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Day 20: What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Sa totoo lang, hangang-hanga ako sa mga babaeng magaganda. Yung tipong artistahin at mukhang model - maputi, sexy, maganda buhok, matangkad, LAHAT NA. Ang sabi pa nga eh, the symmetrical features makes one beautiful for exterior looks. But here's my perspective:
For outside beauty:
-Cleanliness. An important thing that helps a person with his/her physical appearance.
-Simplicity is beauty.
-Laging naka-smile. Nakakapanget daw kasi talaga ang laging nakasimangot.
Iba-iba naman opinyon ng tao sa pagtingin ng gwapo/maganda. Yung iba gusto maputi, yung iba naman morena. Yung iba gusto singkit ang mata, yung iba gusto malaki mata. Kaya, di ako makapag-judge ng true beauty kung for sa physical ang pag-uusapan.
For inside beauty:
Sabi nila, rare ang makakita ng isang taong maganda na on the outside, maganda pa on the inside.
-Being the real you. Yung natural ba.
-The personality. Most important nga yata 'to eh. When one person has a nice and friendly heart, people around her will already like her for whoever and whatever she is without even having a hard time making herself beautiful to other's eyes.

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  1. a quote! Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~Kahlil Gibran


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