Ecclesiastes 7

6:37 PM

I wasn't able to update some days in the 365 days challenge so I thought of this to post as an answer for days 18 and 19.

Day 18: Why you made your blog, why you still have it.

I made this blog to post my rants, musings, and some writing works. I am not good in speaking and showing my emotions so hopefully through this blog, I can express freely myself. And it was and still it is!
I still have it because I love it. It's a dream of mine to inspire people.
So, here's a new work I made just last week. The last two parts were made last New Year's Eve. I didn't really expect that it can be an extension of a newly made one. When I was writing the first part of this which should really be a different work, that was when I realized why some movies like Starwars first played the last 3 series of the story. It is because, maybe, lately they have realized the extension. Or somewhat and somehow like that. Errr.. I hope readers can understand. 

Day 19: Your thoughts on your family

I grew up in a God-fearing family. Grew up in house full of laughter, inspiration, and love. Expect us to be not a quiet family, but a loud one. Everyday of our lives is a music-filled one. We listen to music, we do music, we make music. I just hope neighbors are not hearing noises from us. Haha. I thank God that He made a path for my parents who were once just two strangers to meet and learn to love each other forever.  I love my family.
And as of the moment, this little piece of work is also a little piece of thought about a recent happening in my family.

There are happenings that you wouldn't want to happen again but you just cannot control it because it's part of life.

Just click this link to read:
A Sad Face is Good For the Heart

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