Live, Love, Laugh. Even Cry.

11:22 PM

Day 10. What you think when you hear the words, "Be yourself."

What you think? or what comes to your mind? Well anyway, what enters my thoughts are the words, ORIGINAL, FIRST RATE, and NATURAL.
Original - you do not live to please what other people think about you. You define yourself.
First Rate - Following someone you look up to is good. But better is when you follow yourself and have someone who is inspired following you. You do not live to be someone else's imitation.
Natural- you show your real feelings. Nothing hinders you from expressing your true emotions.
How I wish I am always my real self. I am always insecure of what other people might think of what I do and what I look like. I should be comfortable of living the way I wanted to be. Then, there'll be no hesitations, no regrets, just FREEDOM.  

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