To show us the reason to live.

11:01 PM

Day 3. What you think your reason for being here is.

Philosophy comes into my mind when hearing or reading about the reason of existence on earth. I have asked myself many, many questions relating to this since I was starting to be a "thinking child" (children are really great philosophers.) Questions were really skeptical that I have even asked myself, "What if I am not real?" Maybe other inquiries I had like "Where does God came from?", "Is God real?", or "Why are there sufferings and trials in life?" are also questions of many people around the world. But I do not want to talk anything about Philosophy.
I was and I am still a "thinking child" (although not really anymore a child). And because I am a Christian, all my doubtful questions had answered me God. I am real and I have a reason for being here. God has placed me here on earth to have an aim and a purpose in life. Any purpose and reason, only I can choose.
And the reason?
I have chosen love. I am here because I am to love - it is the greatest of all things. I am to love God above anything else, I am to love my neighbor as I have loved myself. All that I am now is because I have a Creator - a Creator of love. He created me that is why I am here and I do not want my Creator to be disappointed with His creation. He even have to face being rejected, alone, be crucified and die just to save his creation; so why just waste having a reason of destroying others or spreading moral ruin and corruption?
Because love is my reason, I am to bear responsibilities.
The foremost responsibility is taking part to the service of God. I am to be a light bearer of the Gospel and I am to glorify God through seeking to please Him in any and every way. All these, I know, is only if God is my first, my last, and the best in everything.

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  1. so true. :)
    and you're so diligent in writing your blog. :)
    treat me in your earnings! :))

  2. Interesting..very well said..!

  3. How I wish I really could earn. Haha. Thanks! :)


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