Life is but a dream.. Wake up!

10:32 PM

Day 4. How you think your life would change if you achieved your dream.

I will grow great! Great people are once dreamers, and still are dreamers as long as they never lose their dreams and realize them. I will grow great not when I finally achieved my dreams but along the way of  trying, acting, hoping, hard working, having determination and dedication and belief that I can really reach my stars.
My life can never be the same again. I already have learned the values and the right attitude in facing my dreams, I will still continue having them. I will have a contented and happy life; will be proud that I have once just imagined these things but I am already claiming and have them. Credits are not all to me. Realizing my dreams with others who are the encouragement and inspiration is already a reality of dreams.

Still, in the end, I must never forget that the dreams this world can offer are all temporary. Though I may reach the dream of gaining many profits of this world, I am to keep in mind that I am living to build a character for eternity, and that God requires me to do my very best.

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