My Social Life

9:57 PM

Day 31: A bit about your social life outside blogging world.

I admit I am not that really a social person.
I only talk/converse with people who approaches me except when a person is a close friend.
But well, here's a bit of my social life:
When I'm at the dorm, I talk to room mates, dorm mates.
In the classroom, I talk to classmates. I seldom speak with the teacher.
Outside the classroom, I talk to friends and acquaintances.
I still greet people I know - Hi's, Hello's, How are you's.
I go to mall seldom with friends, usually alone, but always with family.
I don't like parties. I'm not a party-person.
You'll find me active at the local church.
I like campings, hikings, seminars, concerts, prayer meetings, and retreats.
I love social nights at church.
I play sports but seldom watch. I joke. Of course I laugh.
Most of my vacant time I spend at the library doing assignments, reviewing, reading books.
During my ordinary weekdays, if the satellite would detect me or if the Google map can find the me and when someone started searching for me, he'll find me:
-walking alone
-doing things on my own
-in my bed, doing school works or maybe sleeping or busy at the laptop
-with 2 or 3 friends eating at the cafeteria.
Oh well, that is my social life I think so.
Maybe some that I have mentioned are not a part of the social aspect, please pardon me. I am not really good with socializing.
But I have plenty of friends. Girlfriends, boyfriends, dogfriends, catfriends, treefriends...

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