Standards of Efficiency

1:25 PM

I was browsing my giant notebook to take a look where I have stopped writing when I saw this "note to self." I am currently reading Messages to Young People by Ellen G. White. This was a response to a chapter that I have read:
I want to be a youth that is in part of God’s service. I may have intelligence but without the sanctified abilities everything will be a loss; and even the people around me will be affected. 
In order to be called a youth that all heavens is waiting to work, I must be at all costs, and with the sure help of my God, must confess the faithfulness I have. I must be a living testimony – to God and to His people, a youth that is expected to impart the light and knowledge that this generation has. I must consecrate my mind and heart to God’s service, to reach a high standard of efficiency and usefulness. 
I do not want to be a youth that would be a criminal of betrayal to God. I don’t want to be called a failure for the work of humanity. I must not put in my mind all that are cheap and not useful. Non-sense and amusement-loving behaviours should be discarded. I must not imperil other people’s souls. Being a servant of sin, careless, reckless, and foolish – these must not be me. Instead, the talents that God has given me must be surrendered and must only be used of the glory of God. I am here in the world with hope that I can live happily for eternity because Christ has shed his own blood just to save me. He accepted the cup the Heavenly Father had made Him passed on. I must not make Christ feel sad because of my work; instead, I must always remember the endurance He has gone through, His eternal love for me, that I might be qualified for His service. 
I have a life distinct from others, an experience different and unique. God desires for me that my praises shall ascend to Him, marked with my own individuality. 
11:10 pm

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