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If you are you one of those students who would choose Softball for their Physical Education class but do not know how to play or even the rules and objectives of the game, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Haha.

Well, I am a Softball student. I chose softball cause most people say that it's easier than Soccer. (Actually, there are only two options this semester for P.E.) Although, honestly I really do not know how to play this.

On the first day of class, the PE Professor started already his lecture. And because I was late, I missed the part where he told the objectives of the game. I do not know anyone in the class, not even a single one. So I got no one to ask or talk to. Until the day we already started playing at the field, I do not know anything. Well, maybe I know the theories, the terms and names of the equipment but more than that, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY.

We already played many times but still until now, I only know little compared to my other classmates who knows when to run, where to run, when to hit the ball, where to throw the ball. AAARRRGGGHHH. It was hard to understand, specially if it's your first time. But then, thanks to classmates who today, are already friends. 

Enough of me now. So, here are some things I have searched, I have learned from the lectures and most especially while playing. If I missed an important thing or if I got to mention any mistake, please let me know. :)

Objectives of the game:
-To score the most runs. A run is scored when a player from the batting team advances around all four bases, touching it every turn, without being 'out' by the field team.

-Must have nine players to start or to continue the game.

-Shouldn't be elevated. A grassy field.
-It is sometimes called the diamond.
-Distances between base paths is 60 ft.
-Pitching distance from pitching rubber to home plate is 40 ft.
-In the middle of the field is the mound is where the pitcher stands and pitches the ball to batter.
-The corners are called first base, second base, third base. While the start and end base is the Home.

There are seven innings. A half inning means a portion of an inning in which one team is at bat and the other team in the field, and one team makes three outs.

-Softball gloves.
-Softball -11 to 12 inches in circumference.
-Softball bats.
-Helmet and chest protector for safety -used by catcher.

Field Positions:
-Pitcher: Throws the ball to the catcher, past the batter, in attempt to prevent it from being hit.
-Catcher: Determines what pitch will be thrown, receives the ball and attempts to prevent runners from advancing.
-Infielders: First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Short Stop: Field balls that are hit in the infield.
-Outfielders: Left Field, Center Field, Right Field: Field balls that are hit in the outfield, as well as provide a back-up for balls that get past the infielders.

a. Batter swings at pitched ball and misses.
b. Pitched ball is delivered over home plate between the knees and the shoulders of the batter.
c. Fly ball-goes out and not caught.

a. Pitch between knees and shoulders but batter doesn't swing.
b. Pitcher goes through  preliminary motions of pitching but fails to deliver the ball.

Some Terms:
a. Base hit: hit made by a batter which permits him to safely reach one of the bases without causing a teammate to be forced out.
b. Home run: hit which enables the batter to run all four bases and score a run; a ball which is batted over a fence 200 feet from home plate.
c. Foul ball: ball which settles or is touched by a fielder outside the base line between home and third, or between home and first base, or one which lands outside of the base lines beyond  first or third base.
d. Fair ball: batted ball which settles or is touched by a fielder between home and third, or between home and first base, or one which lands inside or within the base lines beyond  first or third base.
eBall: This is the term for a pitch that the umpire determines has crossed the plate outside of the strike zone.
f. Walk: A pitcher is permitted 3 balls for each batter; when the umpire determines that the pitcher has thrown four balls to a single batter in one at bat, the batter earns a walk, becoming a base runner eligible to advance to first base. a walk is also referred to as earning a "base on balls".
g. Base on Balls: a turn at bat in which the batter is automatically  awarded first base when the pitcher delivers four pitches which are outside the strike zone.

THERE. I know this is few but hope it can help you somehow. 
It would be really better if you can watch a real game cause you can really learn by watching. It's my loss that I am not fond of watching outdoor games that's why I am really poor with games like this.
Anyway, be physically healthy and sporty!
Practice makes perfect.
Be safe and have fun. :)

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