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Photo was taken in front of SM Department Store. Lining up for jeepney ride.

Is waiting for a long line in a remittance office takes much of your time? Ever experienced being cheated by illegal money transfer transactions? Want to send and receive money fast, safe, and cost effective? Then, I introduce you a new, trustworthy solution.

Recently, I have been so inactive in the blogosphere so now, what am I talking about this waiting, frauds and solution? Just read and later, be a part of it!

As a daughter of a father who works miles and miles away from our country, I know the uneasy feeling of staying long in a lengthy queue just to receive money from him. Plus, of course, I don’t want my father to worry of dishonest money businesses. So the solution? nTrust!

nTrust is the very first international network that lets its members deposit and transfer money, anytime and anywhere in the world, instantly and free!

Here’s how it works:
First off, because it is an online network, you must first be a part of what they call its community. Sign up an account for free and create your profile up to 100% complete so as to have access and do transactions with the site. Click this for their website. You will then be a citizen of the nTrust community where your neighbours are your family, friends or other people you transact with. This makes sending and receiving money quick and easy.       
Then, you must request for a personalized nTrust card. This is a prepaid MasterCard that can work as a cash card and ATM. It can be used wherever MasterCards are accepted. Upon request, it will be delivered to you after 7-10 days.

How to send money to the Philippines?
-Fill out and complete the details of your bank account under the Vault Tab first.
-After doing so, you will then see many options on how to deposit money. You can choose from bank wire transfer, direct bank deposit, checks and online banking.
-It depends on you on how to transfer money here in the Philippines but online banking is the most common way of depositing money. Many banks are offering this kind of transaction so no worries.
-You just need is the recipient’s e-mail address and of course make sure you have money in your bank account! If the recipient is already a member and your neighbour, sending is a lot easier. You can just select his name in the dropdown menu of your neighbours’ list.

There! Any amount is accepted! No minimum and maximum amount as long as your bank account has enough money.
nTrust abides by the standards of international banking so security is a sure thing. You can visit their website so you can read more about it.  nTrust is not a bank so they don’t use our moneys for loans and credit businesses. Transfer of money between nTrust citizens are free and as to what I have mentioned above, no minimum transaction.

In withdrawing, no need to line up in the remittance offices and fill up papers. If you are an nTrust member, just check your vault if money has already been sent and you can get your money through your nTrust card or through direct bank withdraw. But if you are not an nTrust citizen, still you don’t have any problems. An e-mail will be sent to you with a link, where you can read the instructions on how you can get your money.
Another benefit of nTrust is that you can have a ready access of your vault. The site is open 24/7. And transfers between nTrust citizens are FREE.
nTrust card can be loaded anytime, anywhere, instantly.

Photo Taken at the Adventist University of the Philippines Cafeteria, while we were in line waiting to get our food. Don't like waiting? Go to nTrust.

This is the very first reason why nTrust is a real convenience especially to our overseas Filipino workers who remit money to the Philippines. Instead of waiting in line just to send money, a click away is a solution and you can already work and do things you like with no worries!

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  1. have not heard of it yet, but I'll it one of these days :))

  2. to all my overseas friends...try this...worth it


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