I'm back!

10:37 PM

So, it's been a month since I last updated my blog! I missed this. And now I'm blogging in a hurry. 
I still need to study for tomorrow's Financial Accounting Test. I don't know why I blogged this untimely moment. I just felt the need to. Haha.

I didn’t go home for a month and so there are just so many things that happened to me the last few weeks. Sorrow, Happiness, Laughter, Cries. 

I got a conflict with friendship. It was my first time to experience such drama. I thought I was included with all the issues when in the end I was just one assuming lass. I regret that I didn't have this kind of relationship back in high school. I didn’t know how to handle them.
You see, I’ve been a hypocrite; pretending I like her when in fact everything she does irritates me. If people really close to me would read this, they might tell that this is not me. I am not that kind of person who is usually irritated by little acts of absurdity. I am actually aware already of my irrational ways. I don’t like comparisons. I don’t want to carry my own seat and tell myself that I am better than anyone else when in fact I am not. All these ridiculousness stressed me, seriously. Good news is that, I overcame it! I don’t have that friend whom I can tell all my problems but I have my mother (and my blog). I told her everything – what I feel, what were the situations, who were the persons involved. And I am just so thankful that she understood me and empathized with my feelings. BUT, although she comforted me, she made me realize the things that I have done wrong. She didn’t just side with me because I’m her daughter. She looked at the bigger picture and explained me the details. Reality is, truth hurts and reality is just so hard to accept. At first, I didn’t believe my mother. I am the one who is hurting; she is not, so I know everything – that was my thought. But I was wrong. I realized, through prayer and reading God’s word, that I needed to let go of pride. Yes, pride hindered me from understanding my friend. Pride thwarted me from accepting each other’s differences. And pride obstructed the way to a healthy and happy bond.
I am glad we have already settled things. I learned that I wasn't involved actually. My emotions and feelings got me carried away. Part of growing up! :D

This should be a long post but time tells me no. I’ll update more when I get back home tomorrow! Yey! <3 font="font">

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  1. experience is the best teacher

  2. mothers knows best talaga. nakakatuwa na mom mo ang kinausap mo bihira kasi yung may closeness na tulad nyong magina. and your right pride can really ruin a happy bond kaya dapat iset aside ang pride. welcome back!


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