Oh, life! (Random Post 102)

9:34 PM

Finally! It's sembreak already! My first day should've started last Friday but then we still had to take this remedial comprehensive examination in Financial Accounting 1 last Monday.  The exam is like a grade puller, if I termed it right. Haha. If we are not satisfied with our grade or if our grade is already under the cut-off grade, we can take that exam so we can pull our grade higher. Yep! That’s why I called it grade puller, but only higher. Oh well, so I took the exam, hoping that my B minus can still go higher to B since I just need one point to achieve that grade. And to make this long and non-sense story short, I didn't made it to B. Huhuhu. Here’s a print screen of my grade:

Haha. While talking to Papa and Mama over Skype. :D
This is life. You’ll get only what you have worked out. And I did not work out hard, I deserve B minus. But I’m thankful, of course, because I was able to pass. Financial Accounting is really hard; I must say if you’ll not study well. But it was fun studying assets.

Consequently, because of the exam, my official sembreak started yesterday. At sinulit ko yun! Haha. I spent my whole Tuesday at Aira’s house, with my best girlfriends, SUBO! I hadn’t seen them for almost 3 months and I missed them much! We ate, laughed, watched a horror movie, took pictures, and just had a good time to our heart’s content. After exhausting our minds with Financial Accounting, we deserve that moment. Here are the results of our insanity!

From left to right: Me, Wendy, Jom, Elle, Chi

Aira? Where art thou?

We're just so cute aren't we? Lol.

It’s just so much fun to spend some time, even for a day with them.

And this day? I was really planning not to be productive. Haha. I’m so mean. But I need to be a good Ate to my brother. Since he needed to buy some foods for their educational fieldtrip tomorrow, I decided to go with him to the grocery and buy items. We had a date :”).

At Dunkin' Donuts
Just a random post. I miss blogging. :)

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  1. i agree with you accounting is hard but its quiet fun. haha enjoy your vacation!=D

  2. I agree with you but accounting was perfect for my braincells back days...ito lang cgro ang pinag aaraln ko ng bongga bongga...iwan ko bsta love ko subject na 2 but it turn out I did not took accountancy course...hahahah:)

    But anyways I miss being on school.. the sembreak...a week before seembreak lahat pag plano for a long beach vacay! I miss those old days:) so enjoy the most while you have the time:) Life is good!


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