3:37 PM

What I really wanna do now? I want to write!!! The plot, the setting, the characters. They are already here, bugging my mind, telling me to give them life. But my mind has been so preoccupied by so many things lately - school requirements, final exams, money, GPA, friends . Now I don't know how to start, where to start. My environment does not also coincide with my emotions. Sometimes I want to go back to my old bed, sometimes I want to go home, sometimes I want to have my own study table. Just to get back the emotion of writing. I don't know, I just think I need those things so I can write. Oh, and I'm planning to submit this story, if God permits me to finish it until Monday, to Saranggola Blog Awards. I just need to change some elements so it'll correspond to the theme, "LAKBAY." I'm not expecting to be awarded nor win, just want to share my passion in writing. Okay, updates soon!

It's sembreak already! I can feel already late night movies and late morning wake-ups. Haha. Okay, got to get back to my requirements. Ciao!

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