Secret Affection

11:13 AM

I saw you once but never thought it was special
I met you before but never thought it was the start
I talked with you but it's just the usual
I smiled at you and it was just typical.

I saw you again, was that a spark?
I met you again, and the mood was aglow
I talked to you again, I got so fuzzy
I smiled at you then just wished you'll always smile at me too.

Now I don't know how to put to places,
These rare emotions and unique sentiments
They are new and still cannot comprehend them
Is it admiration? Infatuation? True love? Or just friendship?

If ever I profess, will it be mutual?
If ever I confess, will you consider me special?
Or if ever I'll just wait, will this subside?
And hope that regret will not haunt my life.

~10:38 am
December 19, 2012
COB - 12

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  1. galing..your words are dancing but I guess you need to say it..sabi pa nga nila if you love someone tell that person baka bukas waley na sya...hahahaha:)

    Goodluck and merry christmas!


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