Just Give Me a Reason

12:25 AM

Soon Goodbyes to March and coming Hellos to April! Wow. Time is so fast I didn't noticed I haven't been blogging lately. Haha. I've become one busy bee during the first quarter of 2013. And I think my hardworks have paid off! I passed the BSA Comprehensive Examination 1 last March 19 and 20 so I am qualified to be 3rd year next semester! Oh yeah! Thank God! And I pray, He'll continue to be with me as I take the few more big exams the next years of my life.
Since, this is again the first time to write something else other than my poems, I am again feeling a bit awkward to write. Hehe. I don't know why, really. But as I start my vacation, let me share to you again myself, singing! YEEEEYYY! Hahaha!

I made a cover of this new song, Just Give Me a Reason that was originally sung by P!nk and Nate Ruess. I'm not really fond before of listening to P!nk because I thought she sings rock music but I was mistaken. She writes and sings love songs, but I'm still not sure to what genre. Tomorrow, or later, I'm planning to research about her and listen to her songs. That's how I am when I get to like a singer. ;) Okay, so I told I feel awkward but how come I have already wrote many? Oh well, cheers to this new song. And again, feel free to comment about how I sing. Be judgmental, I don't care. Lol. 'Cause I'm not really a singer. =))

PS. Sorry for the low, low quality. I don't have a fine camera and a fine microphone. Please bear with it. Hehe. THANK YOU! ;)
PPS. Maximum volume please! :D

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