My life's becoming interesting

11:13 PM

I never thought that life would be this interesting
I have never been this much curious with my life before
That getting mature with age involves so many unspoiled episodes of life
And that life now is getting more fun

Who would’ve thought that I will be dealing this hard with my chosen course?
I didn’t thought I’ll have problems with studies
I always believed in what I can do – my own intelligence and skills
Little did I know that they are not enough

Who would’ve thought that I’d be living away from my family?
That being independent is not always full of fun
But it’s always a chance to grow and mature
And to learn the value of money and time

Who would’ve thought that I’ll get sick?
That this girl who rarely gets a cold with be triggered with aches?
Headaches, stomach aches. Heartaches?
I thought I was healthy, but I am not.
Who would’ve thought that I’ll be needing friends?
Not just merely acquaintances and temporary friendships
But friends that do love and care
Friends that are genuine – treats me honestly and fairly.

Who would've thought that I’ll be interested with love?
That I’ll get excited for that man who’ll always make me smile?
That I am eager to know when, where and how will we meet halfway?
That I'll be fascinated with special feelings?

Who thinks I’ll be living this life just because I want it?
I live because God has a purpose for me.
And whatever that purpose is, I’ll believe He’ll work it out for me.
Who would’ve thought that life is this interesting? ;)

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