Random Thoughts 103 (End of Semester Randoms)

10:59 AM

After forever, I visited again my blog. I missed so many things, people, and events. I feel so left behind. But still, I don't want to give up blogging. This is one way of expressing my inner thoughts and I just I can't imagine holding my piece forever. For now, I'll only be sharing random thoughts I saved for the last few months. I would want to create a blog post for each but uggghh nevermind. My brain can't function properly right now for that thing. lol

Sometimes it’s better to be literally alone, than to feel alone in a crowded room.
I don’t know if I miss writing. I wanted to write but I can’t force myself. Laziness is on the throne.
I hate failures. It just tells me straight in the face that “You’re not good enough.” And I usually talk back and say, “Yes, and will never be.”
Why do I want to have a boyfriend? Because I think he can be the substitute for my pen and paper. I wish I can be with that someone whom I can talk all my feelings without feeling embarrassed, intimidated, insecure, rejected, hated. That someone who will be interested with all my dreams, my whatnots and blah blahs and my murmurs and adventures in life. He will accept me for who I am. The same with how I share my emotions to my notebook and paper. But this time, a boyfriend will definitely talk back.
I don’t like to be with someone who’s more emotional than I am. I’m already full of myself.
It’s so fun to be random. That’s why writing novels is a no-no for me.
I know it’ll hurt in the end but I still keep on going, wishing for change in the events.
Why is it that every time I'm with you, I'm lost for words, I forget things, I get super shy, and I just can't look straight to your beautiful eyes.
I never realized I was hooked to listening to the "getting over" songs until I met you.
All night long, I can stare at the beauty of the moon and the stars. Just like how I can stare at your beautiful eyes.
There is someone out there who is really destined for you. And when I think that it's not me, it hurts.
When you're too infatuated, you become selfish.

Okay. Why are these so sentimental?

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  1. hmmm...my my my..feeling in love? and it hurts more when his beautiful eyes are looking for someone else..hehehe
    don't be too hard and don't be too easy to have a boyfriend.
    everything comes in the right time...

  2. ang swerte nya.. for you to describe him with such beautiful words.. i hope he finds that he belongs to you.. and maybe he loves you? i really hope he does :)


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