Random 105

3:42 PM

WARNING. This is just for the sake of an update. I am going to be so random that you wouldn't want to finish reading this post anymore.

I reread again my blog. That's what I usually do when I don't know what to write. And I have observed that I was really active in the year 2012. And you can notice that too because when you look at my blog archives (right side of the blog, scroll down a bit), year 2012 has the highest number of posts. I can remember that I was 2nd year college that time and averagely, that year was the peak of my being an introvert. I'd rather talk to my blog and to my diary than talk to a real person. But I was not like that all the time. And I'm so glad I am not like that anymore.

It's raining so hard as of the moment I am writing this.

So, I told myself the past years that I'd like to join the university newspaper editor staff. But until now, I just cannot because I am again afraid of applying. But I'm happy that I am part now of the campus radio ministry. I am a scriptwriter and a part-time DJ (although I don't want to). I do there what I like doing, so it's fun.

I am aware that Aldub and Pastillas Girl are the trend now in the media world. I don't think people will bash me just because I don't know anything about them.

I remember having a crush on someone and I cannot express it to any friends that I just had to write a poem about it. He was actually a classmate. Unfortunately, after a few months of finally admitting to myself that I like him, just then he had a girlfriend. I didn't know he was courting someone. I only heard rumors. After knowing about that, I don't like him anymore. The feelings were so fleeting as that. But no regrets in writing the poem. I find it funny reading it then trying to remember what was I feeling during that time. But nah, I can't remember anymore. :))
Read the poem here: http://not-really-an-arcane.blogspot.com/2012/12/secret-affection.html

The last 2 consecutive weeks were my worst two weeks so far for this semester. I think I cry almost every day and every night. I was so sensitive I don't even know why.

Uhhhmm. It's soon gonna be election time again and I'm still not sure who to vote. Any suggestions? And I still don't have my voter's ID. I'm 21 now, I think I need to be a more mature Filipino citizen, right? Oops. I don't know the people who are going to run for the positions.

I like this old blog entry of mine.

There's someone I'd like to talk to but I just can't, for now.
*deep sigh*
Why do people make things so hard for themselves?

Because I was lying down while typing these things, I fell asleep. Haha.
Oh, by the way, Happy 250th post to this! :))

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