My Sisters in Christ

6:38 AM

I have always been known by my friends as a very inexpressive kind of person. Some of my friends have even misunderstood this personality I have as being so unappreciative of efforts or gifts given. But truthfully, deep inside my heart is an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratefulness. I don't know why it's so hard for me to express happiness and thankfulness when I am surprised by friends' gifts and efforts that no one could really equal. But I am learning how to.
Just last year, my roommates did something very special for me. It was actually a surprise because they want to leave something memorable for me since it's gonna be my last semester in college. And here's what they did: 

These are sticky notes with cheesy lines. I woke up and saw each of them sticked/posted on my things, like this one on my calculator.

When I woke up, I saw each sticky note and I really knew already that it was my roommates who did it. But I acted as though I saw nothing. I'm so mean, right? And of course, they were expecting some reaction from me and they didn't receive anything. They got annoyed and hated me a bit because of that and I felt really bad about what I did. But they didn't know that deep in my heart, I was really, really happy and the same time I was also sad because I will be leaving so soon. What they did made me realize that I am going to miss them more.
After their naggings and complains of my being inexpressive and unappreciative, I told them how grateful I am for them. Of course, they understood me and then I also left the dormitory that day.

After quite a few months, I went back again to the dorm and stayed there for almost 3 weeks for our comprehensive exams. And for the very last day of my stay, they did something special again for me:


It was something to keep again. Something to remind me that I have these special friendship with ladies that are always there for me. We've been through a lot. And by a lot, that means more than two or three years of being together in the same room - we've had sorrows, laughters, get togethers, ministries, music, and so much more. They were my eating buddies, prayer partners, shock absorbers. And I am just so thankful for them. I know very well that they were answered prayers when I asked the Lord for roommates that He wanted me to have.

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