When a former suitor marries...

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One fine day of August 2011, a really good friend bravely admitted to me that I was special to him. Then after almost five years, he finally said "I do" to the special lady God has prepared for him.

And no, the lady is NOT me.

That one fine day, five years ago, is memorable to me. It was the very first time that a guy personally told me his special feelings for me. Although I already have a hint of his affections toward me before, it was still kind of different when a person is going to be up-front, honest that he wants to pursue you. I must be really special, that's what I thought. But sadly, the feelings were not mutual.
After experiencing for the first time that overwhelming feeling of being treated so special, it was also a really, really, difficult thing to turn down someone. I can remember I was stopping myself from crying because of pity, because of saying No to him. I also became so honest of how I felt towards him. He was just like a good, older brother to me. And I told I was so thankful to him for always being there.

For almost a year, after that day, we still had our communication but it just suddenly stopped. I don't know what happened. And as a girl, who is really emotional, I got a bit confused during those times but eventually I moved on because I know there was nothing really to keep between us.
He was actually in my prayers every night during that same year. And the Lord truly answers prayers at the right time. I was praying to the Lord for that special lady for him who can equal the kind of treatment he has been showing me. My good friend is a godly person. He is caring, thoughtful and a gentleman. I know he deserves the best. And I was very well aware, during that one fine day, that it is not me for him.
And just last week, he got married! I know he has been praying for that love, too. And I am more than happy for him now. For them! It was an answered prayer.

He was an avid reader of my blog before. And I know he is not now.
But to you, sir, congratulations! I hope, sometime in the future you'll be able to read this post of mine. You really deserve the Lord's best!

Because of this experience I had, I can truly say  that I can entrust to the Lord my love life. We will be broken hearted at times, but God can make it whole again. I am really not sure who is the man with whom I will be finally saying "I do" in front of God. But I am 100% sure that God has been preparing him for me now. And I am praying that He'll prepare me as well.

So, when a former suitor marries... You will have another reason for trusting the Lord's promise.

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