What Kind of Accountant Will I Be? Part 3/7

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How can you be an accountant if you cannot imagine yourself being an accountant? It’s a question I once heard and it’s the same with, how can you be a butterfly if you cannot imagine yourself flying above the gardens and seeping through the nectar of flowers? Well of course, it’s really impossible to be a butterfly unless you are a caterpillar and you will also go through their metamorphosis of becoming one. If you can also go through the process of stepping inside a pupa, the cocoon then probably after 7 days, you’ll have wings and be an official butterfly! That’s just it. If I cannot imagine myself being an accountant, then let me go through the metamorphosis stage where there are hard work, sacrifices, and lots of studying to do before officially becoming one. All throughout the process, somewhere in between, I have imagined myself doing what an accountant should do.

Compared to doctors, engineers and lawyers, accountants are not usually working in public so people are not quite familiar to what they really are doing. Other people would even ask why the CPA Board Examination needs to be one of the difficult licensure examinations. “With great power comes great responsibility”, one good quotation says. And that is very much the same with being a Certified Public Accountant.

Accountancy profession involves a lot of public interest and confidence. One of the major tasks that accountants do is preparing financial statements of a company. These financial statements are not just mere reports but they have great significance for the company’s growth. Banks, investors, and employees are only few of the interested parties in a company’s financial statements but they are also the very reason why they are still existing and growing. If an accountant was not trained well do this kind of work, any misleading mistake can be a big impact to the business’ condition. Our world, in the generation today, is dominated by money. Without finances or without good financial management, any organization, in the long run, might eventually fail. Money is power in our present day generation. Accountants work with money. Hence, with great power comes great responsibility.

I will be an accountant who is responsible and diligent with the tasks given me.

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