Happy Father's Day!

2:35 PM

Dear Papa,

It's that date of this month where social media is flooded with the Happy Father's Day greetings. But Facebook is really not enough to tell to the world how much I am grateful to the Lord for you. And I know that the world won't care too much because you are not their father. But I do because I am really proud to have been your daughter!

Thank you for everything Papa. You have sacrificed so much for us and have been working so hard for us. I'm sorry that I have to wait for Father's day to come before I could even appreciate everything you have been doing.
I am still hoping and praying for that day to come when we will be complete as a family in doing God's work. Stay strong Papa, in health and in faith. Thank you for being like Jesus. I miss you Papa. I love you. Happy Father's Day!

Your daughter, with lots of love,
Jana :)

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